Hi, I'm Kate!
I have a solid background in graphic design, photography and motion graphics for both digital and print — I have been in the creative industry since 2008. My focus areas include but are not limited to: branding, re-branding, technology, transportation, publication, retouching, composites, medical device, pharma, B2B, events, websites, social media and consumer brands. I am an Adobe Creative Cloud expert and a lover of great fonts, coffee and good lighting. I have been building my photography/lighting skills to coincide with my design for 5+ years. I believe that understanding photography is a pillar that every good designer needs to have. I have been building my motion graphics skills in Adobe After Effects as well as videography & editing in Adobe Premiere. I make it a habit to stay updated on current design trends and best practices.

I am experienced with collaboration, teamwork, interpersonal communication and managing the creative process from conceptual design/sketching to final delivery and execution. Presenting and explaining rational for my creative decisions is a big part of my role as well as editing, fine-tuning and having an obsessive attention to detail. In my free time, I am hanging out with my family, going to Yoga or heading up to the cabin. 

For inquires please email me at kate@kateiverson.com
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